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About Shavologist

This all begun in 2007 when I was going to set off for college for my B.Tech. My dad was setting up my shaving unit and he incorporated a TTO metal razor, 5 tucks of 365 (not Gillette) sharp edges, Vi-John Shaving cream, horse hair shaving brush and Old-Ship face ointment salve in that. I generally felt glad to do wet shaving with these provisions cause these were given by my dad. Indeed, even my companions used to acquire my provisions to do the shaving. 

In 2012 I began my first work and when I used to gather distinctive face ointment moisturizers, locally accessible shaving creams and aroma bottles. Because of web, I investigated different worldwide brands and became acquainted with about shaving soaps however was incredulous to purchase. Clearly because of strong cost. At some point, my tingling won and I spread the word about installment for 2 well shaving soaps - "Mitchell's Wool Fat" and "Proraso Green" with my first marked DE Razor - "Merkur 34c". This entire buy made a major scratch to my pocket however I was cheerful. 

I accepted my stuff and began utilizing it. This was a 'Directly to-Heaven' experience. I began investigating all the more however because of cost I generally ventured back to get the sumptuous stuff. It's difficult to purchase a shaving soap which costs ₹2500 + shipping + customs + long waiting and all the more every other month. At some point, my companion gifted me ' Mysore Sandal' fundamental oil. The smell was excessively hypnotizing to the point that I began searching for comparative sort of shaving stuff. I attempted to make my own post-shaving astringent salve utilizing the oil with the goal that I could utilize this as a post shave custom. By karma I made one for me and that was a superb encounter. 

Because of inclination of getting a lot really shaving stuff, I began my examination about the elements of these items, particularly the shaving soaps. Essentially I was searching for a superior elective which should be practical and genuinely "Top-of-the-Shelf". Before the finish of 2016 I began cooking my own shaving soap. I attempted different plans which I gathered by means of different global discussions. After at some point I began cooking my own shaving cleanser base. 

At first the stuff was intended for me or for some extremely dear companions. At some point while riding I became more acquainted with there's a gathering of Indian Wetshavers on Facebook. I joined the gathering and began showing my stuff as a pleasant movement. A few individuals showed their advantage to source my cooked shaving soaps. At first I was not prepared to put my caring things on special. At the point when I conversed with some different individuals, I saw they were confronting similar issues which I had effectively battled with - the out of this world expenses, also may synthetic fixings, a significant delay of bringing in the stuff and so on So I gathered the boldness to cook/mix the carefully assembled shaving fundamentals for selling and that was the beginning of the brand "SHAVOLOGIST"


About Me

A UI/UX Expert by calling who adores as well as lives for his scents, shaving supplies, face ointments and numerous other creative items. I additionally love to gather watches, fountain pens in addition to each inventive, vintage, old-school thing gives me thrill.


Shavologist's central goal is to make the best, greatest and effectively available shaving basics and individual consideration items for YOU.  By utilizing unadulterated and deductively demonstrated fixings with appropriate R&D of our items as a whole, we address the issues of things to come for individuals and the world, today.


"Essentials crafted to Perfection."


"Basics made to Perfection"

Shavologist's goal is in every case clear - to give best in class, unadulterated, simple on-pocket, really powerful fundamental items which essentially work. Shavologist greedily attempting to be a definitive brand a man can think for his every day needs.

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from : sudhir khokhar
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